Summer Alpine tourism

Long-term  PR program , which started in 2011, has the main aim to  promote the active summer holidays in the Alps. It consisted of several subprojects on behalf of different regions:  Valle d'Aosta (Italy), Chamonix (France), Matterhorn region (Switzerland), Hautes Alpes (France).


As a result of targeted promotion campaign, our clients indicate steady growth of tourism traffic to mentioned regions. An average increase amounts to 200% yearly of Russian tourists.

Leading and the most effective instrument is the package of PR articles, and reviews and travel notes from the well-known authors and bloggers. For example, campaign "Summer 2013" was highly appreciated by Swiss colleagues , we were awarded as most effective content creators.


 The thematic project on the basis of several press-tours has published more than 20 different articles.


Additionally ACA implemented specific Summer Alpine tourism product - Summer SKIRU Club,  with ClubMed group.

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