Switzerland Tourism for Russia - cooperation

Active Communication Agency (ACA) organized and conducted a press tour for the Switzerland Tourism for Russia (Zurich-Villars Montreux) from 17 to 22 June, 2014. The participants of press-tour were representatives of Ski.ru, Votpusk.ru web-portals; "Aeroflot", "AIF Pro Kuhny" and "Gory" magazines and "Govorit Moskva" radio station.


Six day in Switzerland were utterly productive. Reporters saw the sights of metropolitan Zurich, Villars ski resort and fashionable Montreux. And met representatives of tourist offices for Zurich, Villars-Gryon regions and Region Du Leman – Montreux.

There were a variety of interesting excursions, summer mountains programs familiarity and region's gastronomy.

More about travel can be read on already published materials links.

We express our gratitude to guides Elena Burkhard (Ziruch) and Ekaterina Toporkova (Montreux) and Switzerland Tourism for Russia and Maria Makarova personally.

All the useful information concerning tours, mobile apps, trekking roots and culture events you can find in myswitzerlad.com







"Govorit Moskva" Radio Station

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