Ski & snowboard statistic: which brand is cooler?

We continue to analyze the queries for active sports goods Russian market. At this time, the subject of study, which was conducted by Active Communication Agency specialists, was the Yandex requests from May, 2012 to April, 2014 by "ski" and "snowboard" tags. Perhaps this is not the brightest way to evaluate skiers, snowboarders and users of snow equipment in Russia, but some useful conclusions can be made.


First of all, why this analysis is relevant? If a person makes a request on the Internet according to "gnu+snowboard" words, he knows exactly what to look for. So he is already familiar with the brand and wants specific things – to learn a price, to look for board's design, and, subsequently, may make a purchase.

Secondly, in general, the number of requests correlated with saturation of Russian market and approximate audience interest to snowboard and ski. That is why this analysis method can be considered adequate.


What can we say in general about brands popularity in Russian market? No surprises here: the first three in ski brands are Volkl, Fischer, Atomic - brands, which are sold in large chain sports stores as well as specialized ski and board shops; they are well known to the audience.

In snowboard department – the popularity of Burton, Lib Tech and Rossignol based on, and rightly so, on the bright brands international policy and active work with the best world's riders.


"Snow" market specialists not for the first year bitterly say about the reducing of demands for skis and boards. Request analysis confirms this fact: for example, the requests for "Burton+Snowboard" tags for 2013\2014 season reduced to 5 558 points compared with the previous years (a similar pattern in the ski segment). We can again complain about the last little snow winter, but, possibly, we should blame companies policy themselves, little embedded in event management and advertising?


There is no requests number increasing for no one brand, any skiing or snowboarding. Well, skiing, of course, ahead of the snowboarding. If boards requests, in average, not exceed ten thousand mark, but in skis the leaders of requests rise by more than 50 thousand.


We hope that the attached diagrams will be helpful as for market professionals, and for people, interested in outdoor activities in general. In any case, we don't have any other information on market research requests (or equipment sales).


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