Russian web audience: brand awareness tendencies analysis. Part 1: outdoor equipment

Outdoor brands statistics for Russian market - is new and almost unexplored theme. Nevertheless, merchants and manufacturers' inquiry in this area, as distributors, is big enough.

Active Communication Agency specialists analyzed brand awareness for Russian Internet audience trends, concerning search requests on the Internet. Maybe this is not the ultimate way to find out public preferences, but a definite direction of brand popularity can be traced.


The number of requests for popular phrases has been analyzed ("to buy a tent", "trekking shoes", "hike+backpack"), so as the names of the well known outdoor brands. And on the basis of the obtained results we can conclude - interest in the subject of active recreation grows.


If we compare the 2012\2013 and 2013\2014 seasons, the number of queries for "buy a tent" has almost doubled. As for "trekking boots" request – the staff is designed for a more narrow audience. It remains more or less constant during the last three years (specific difference – only for brands requests, but this tendency we will cover in the next articles). Do not discount the seasonal trend growth – trekking shoes (thanks to their quality) often bought to wear during winter, in cold and rainy weather.


Category "hike+backpack" also demonstrates almost 50 percent increasing for the year. The most active months for users, as well as one would expect - June and July. And if we compare May, 2012 and April, 2014 (most relevant data available), the growth will be of 36 percent. It should be noted that the analysis was carried out considering not only by the queries history for May, 2012 – April, 2014, but with the word analysis (in order to exclude close request theme "school backpack").


We hope that these studies will be useful for both outdoor equipment sellers and buyers, and, no doubt, catch the interest of market professionals. Full statistics see in the accompanying diagrams.

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